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We help our clients identify their priority goals or outcomes in life and/or business. So if you are not succeeding at your goals and outcomes it usually boils down to negative values, beliefs and habits. By discovering what is slowing you down, standing in your way or stopping you from achieving these goals we can then help you to remove the resistance. When you are free of this resistance we get you to create your future outcomes and goals, the action steps required to move you towards your end results and then work with you to take action and achieve your results in the quickest way possible.  

Each client is unique so our coaching services are very personalised and also flexible in adapting to the client involved. We are dedicated to being focused 100% on you and your needs. Whether you are an individual, group or corporation we want you to reach success in all areas in the quickest possible way so that you are Living a Life You Love.

This form of coaching is via telephone, email, seminars and webinars

Face to Face Coaching is also available for locations close to us.

We have several packages available depending on your requirements.  

If this interests you why not contact us and book your FREE Initial Coaching Session and sample how we can help you.


This coaching covers all areas of your business that you require to be working in order to get the successful results you want. We cover three areas:

  • Are you and your staff empowered, motivated and inspired with the correct Mindset for Success?
  • Is your business doing what it should be doing in order to reach the results you want?
  •  Have you got the action steps you need to make in order to make it all come together.  

We cover all aspects of a business that should be running efficiently in order to create a business that is running successfully. Everything from Time Management; Ideal Customer Profiling; Ideal Sales and Marketing Profiling, Business Planning and Employee Planning, Increasing Sales, Decreasing Costs of Sales and Decreasing Overhead Expenses - ultimately everything that assists in increasing your Net Profit.

If your business is not running successfully then this is a great way to take a look at all aspects of it over a short 12 x weeks. You are able to pin-point where the leakages are in your business and can then address them with more focus and determination. The skills and tools that you will be able to apply following this course will definitely address the three areas of your business that are required to function efficiently in order to get the successful results you want. This is a coaching course via webinar, telephone and email and you may attend a locally run "networking event".

If this interests you why don't you contact us and find out more about it and when the next course will be commencing.


This is a new addition to Breathe Easy Consulting, and is a very exciting program including a Goal Setting Session, followed by 12 x Modules dedicated to "Life Skills" and Personal Empowerment. Used very successfully over many years with both individuals, groups and corporations. Why not read the attached brochure by clicking here to find out more about it and if it interests you contact Diana for your 50 Minute Complimentary Session for your group. If you want to motivate, inspire, energise and empower your team or group of people then this is a particularly powerful program. When you "Beat Procrastination and harness the power of Mind Management - lives will change positively and dramatically".

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