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"I have had the pleasure and absolute privilege of engaging and witnessing Diana Bassingthwaighte speak at a country women's health promotion event entitled "Feel good - Feel fabulous". This event was a tremendous success and one which received the most positive accolades. Over the years I have organised numerous health promotion activities and have engaged many guest speakers and I can highly recommend Diana Bassingthwaighte as one of the best.

Diana is able to inspire her audiences. She is an expert in her field of personal development and life coaching. Diana teaches people to be motivated, inspired, energised and positive in order to not just survive, but thrive during times of adversity. She instils in her audience an inner capacity to achieve positive outcomes by teaching personal coping skills; problem-solving skills, effective communication and social skills, optimistic thinking and help-seeking avenues.

I cannot recommend her highly enough as a most experienced, motivating and inspiring speaker. I wish to endorse the expert and professional manner in which Diana presents personal development and life coaching skills. I believe she would be an asset to any health promotion activity."

Kay Nash - Community Support Worker (Southern General Practice Network)

“The level of service at Breathe Easy Consulting is fantastic. Having been a customer for awhile now, I am consistently impressed by Diana's professionalism. Thank you, Thank you!”

Dee - Sydney

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a person you can trust. Diana at Breathe Easy Consulting was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of support I have received is outstanding. Keep up the good work Diana and thank you so much!”

Alan D - Sydney

"I am writing to express thanks on behalf of Young Shire Council, the Lachlan Catchment Management Authority and organising committee for your contribution to the recent Young Drought Buster Twilight Family Gathering held in Young. There were very favourable comments from those who did attend and follow-up information was given by Rural Counsellors to people who have been suffering as a result of the prolonged drought conditions in the district." Many thanks!

Gerry Bailey - Mayor (Young Shire Council - 2008)

"The coaching I received I found to be extremely beneficial and have noticed that many if not all aspects of my life have been clarified and/or grown since then. The 12 week course was compiled in such a way that I felt by the end of the course that all my issues had been dealt with effectively and I also now had the tools to help me through with them in the future. I found Diana's approach encouraging, empowering and genuine. Her quality of care was exemplary."

Lynda K - Sydney

"I feel refreshed and inspired. The presentation by Diana was great and very easy to understand."

Colleen G - Wagga

"We found Diana to be a wonderful dynamic presenter who infused the clients with enthusiasm and positivity to achieve their goals. Diana was able to present many complex psychological principles in a very simple, easy to understand manner that everyone was able to apply in their own lives. She was also able to teach our clients some very easy skills that they can employ in their own lives to help reach their goals."

Megan Matson - Psychologist & Manager of Counselling Services (CatholicCare Canberra & Goulburn)

"What a wonderful, informative, friendly and relaxing day. Diana was a great faciliator."

Ros B - Wagga

"I am currently involved in a business training course presented by Diana Bassingthwaighte from Breathe Easy Consulting and whilst I have not actually completed the course modules, I would be happy to give some feed back so far.

Firstly I was approached by Diana to sit in on her course as she felt it would be good for myself and my business. I would not usually attend these courses readily however Diana explained that her course was a more holistic approach then a traditional business approach though still applying stable business principles.

Diana formed a small group of like minded people to meet informally over coffee once per month in order to share some common ground and I have to say, to date I have found the presentation to be very informative, creative, constructive and very helpful. Thank you Diana and I look forward to our next meeting."

Graham Holbrook - Living Simply (ACT)

TIM H. From Level 5 Property Investment in the ACT said:

“Having attended a course facilitated by Diana, that I very much enjoyed and gained great results from, I was very keen to involve my clients in something similar. So I was very pleased when Diana contacted me and mentioned that she would be running her YB12 program. We have now just completed the YB12 course finishing with a session that was very powerful and extremely motivating, particularly hearing the amazing results each person achieved in just 12 months. I personally entered the program with the view that I would focus more on business outcomes, however the personal benefits received were far more than I expected and have been the reasons my business has produced the best results relating to growth and profitability ever. I can't recommend the course highly enough to anyone looking to make gains in any area of their life. The course structure is designed to provide you with the understanding of how we think, act and the habits we adopt in such a way that you have the tools and support to work through systematically to get results quickly. Diana is an excellent facilitator and the group energy makes you feel comfortable enough to share results and challenges with the team which certainly accelerates positive results. There are not many areas in life where you can guarantee results however I strongly believe that if you attend the course and follow and stick with the plan you can only win. "For things to change, first I must change"- Do yourself a favour and invest in yourself!   

MARY K. from ACT said:

“When I started my YB12 at the beginning of this year, I really didn’t know what to expect. My ‘better half’ dragged me along really! Initially I had too much going on in my life and felt that YB12 would just be an additional burden or extra work I just didn’t need. Twelve months of THIS I thought...... Looking back on the past 12 months, I can honestly say that YB12 complimented my life beautifully. No burden, no fuss and has provided me with an infusion of positive energy, determination and drive. Looking back I now see my life from a totally different perspective, very much from the view of the glass half full and filling filling filling! Looking back I now have the necessary tools, drive and enthusiasm YB12 has armed me with to get through all of life’s challenges and experiences, the tools to teach others to make their life more meaningful, more worthwhile and rewarding. I am now looking at my new career as a YB12 life coach. Looking back, I did not have the wonderful network of people I now have in my life through the YB12 program; my wonderful new positive family. Our life coach was such a positive influence, traveling long distances to make it worthwhile. Such a skilled operator and a wonderful human being. Thank you Diana! Looking back...........well there is no looking back anymore. For me, the only way is forward, full speed ahead! Thank you YB12!          

 VAL A. from ACT said:

“I completed the YB12 course with Diana in 2014. At the beginning of the course I thought I knew where I wanted to go in 2014, however, as the course progressed under Diana’s amazing coaching, I came to realize that I could achieve so much more than I thought would be possible. Under Diana’s tutoring my ability to focus and achieve was magnified, and I thank Diana for assisting me to gain skills that will last a lifetime. All the best with your new fledglings Diana”     

CHRIS M. from ACT said:“I was introduced to YB12 and the fabulous Diana Bassingthwaighte by a good friend. The program took me outside my comfort zone and opened me up to endless new goals as well as rekindling some old aspirations. YB12 was just what I needed to get me on back track, and has given me the tools to stay focused and combat the self-doubts that invariably arise whenever you tackle a new challenge. I would not hesitate to recommend Diana and YB12 to anyone wanting to make a positive change in their life.”      

PAUL M. from ACT said:

“YB12 - sounded a little strange. Life Coaching - sounded a bit trendy. I started the year with a healthy skepticism and many doubts. I've just finished the year and I'm so very thankful that I joined Diana's course. The course and her great approach got us questioning, thinking, learning and best of all, taking action."

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