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It would be my pleasure to put my extensive experience to work for you.

Diana Bassingthwaighte

I have studied Personal Development for over 30 years. I have made it my mission to discover the secrets of the successful and the best tools for coping with the ups and downs of life. During this time it has become obvious that there is a formula that successful people use to empower their lives and business. I have acquired the knowledge and processes that have helped me through some very tough times and I am now dedicated to sharing this knowledge in a "keeping it simple" way with as many individuals, groups and corporations as I possibly can. I have a passion for Mind Management and the very powerful results that can be achieved. It is scientifically, academically and philosophically proven that if you conduct your life in a Certain Way, you will get Certain Results. I feel very strongly that this information should get to as many people as possible, and should be taught in schools. There is absolutely no reason for people to suffer the stress, anxiety, worry, fear and doubt that comes with "incorrect Mind Management". I desire for people and corporations to create the very best future and this comes about through the education of Living Life in a Certain Way. I have included the YB12 Coaching Process which helps clients "Achieve The Best Year Ever". This includes a 12-module formula which helps with both the practicals and the emotional foundations for Successful results. Together with individually tailored coaching packages that are already in my "special stable" - clients are guaranteed to achieve enormous results in a short period of time and learn to become the Architects of their Lives. They will REBOOT, RESET AND REJUVENATE their lives and/or business.

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