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Sow the Seeds of Goodness and Reap The Benefits

I was reading the paper today, also watched the news a bit and as usual all of it was depressing to say the least. I began to feel flat for a bit before I jerked myself out of it. Outside the Spring day was superb, new life blooming everywhere, tiny calves and sheep skipping around in play. This got me thinking about how the media and other forms of contact with the outside World is full of Doom and Gloom and it is fed to us on a continuous basis. No wonder worry, fear, doubt, stress anxiety and depression are on the up and up. Our dominant thoughts begin to concentrate on what is wrong in the World instead of what is right or COULD be right. Our mind is like a garden - tend to it well by planting beautiful plants, feeding it and watering it and you will see a garden of lushness and beauty, however if you do not care for this garden and forget to water and feed it then that is when the weeds will grow. Our thoughts are the seeds that grow in this garden and when they are good the garden is beautiful, but when they are negative this is when the garden falls into disrepair. Begin to think of the thoughts you dominantly think of on a daily basis for these are the thoughts that grow into something. If you think Certain thoughts you will get certain results. By sowing the seeds of goodness and positivity you will reap the benefits of good mental health and good results in your life. Don't let the newspapers and news broadcasts bring you down. Take a stand today and declare that YOUR THOUGHTS ARE YOUR OWN and you are making them POSITIVE AND EMPOWERING.

Easy ways in which to give yourself a POSITIVE REBOOT are: Spend time with positive people; Read uplifting material; and learn new ideas and strategies that make you feel positive and alive and then put those into action as soon as possible. If you are struggling to find these then contact me here at Breathe Easy Consulting and let's get you empowered, motivated, energised and inspired.

Appreciate you dropping by - have a wonderful day and catch you next time.

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