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Well, it has been a long time since I wrote a blog here. Apologies for those that have kindly said they would visit my site. I am starting up again - yeh!

In Australia and being a farmer's wife as well as a Rejuvenation Coach, I have been on the journey of coping with the worst drought in living memory. In my 17 years of being married to a farmer I have had 10 years of dry to drought but this one is an "experience" to say the least. Since March last year I have been on the road with cows ranging from 250 cows who decided to calve all the way along a 90kms trip which took me 3 months to 70 young heifers. My husband has also taken up work in a cattle truck so is away 6 days a week leaving me to feed the many cows we have on farm as well. I actually learnt how to drive a rather large tractor in order to do so. At first fearful because it was unfamiliar but once familiar it became a breeze. I had a lot of time to contemplate life and how we are challenged along our journey. It was a true test of my personal development and I did catch myself falling into "victim" mode as the endless days ran into each other and my "girls" decided on occasion to be naughty and testy. I had to learn to have empathy with them as they had such a long journey as well and they had to give birth on the road. My part in the journey was in the comfort of a car and I was fortunate enough to have such amazing farmers along the way give me a paddock at night for the stock so I could head home and sleep in my bed.

I met so many wonderful people along the way who gave me a helping hand - a man on a horse who spent the day with me droving down a back road, my son's godfather in his 70s who came and worked so hard for 2 weeks (he is not in a rush to come back as exhausted the poor chap), strangers who helped me cross highways and a local man who worked with me for another month as we ate out the side roads near our farm. I started a "Droving Central" blog to friends so felt they were along on the journey with me. A school friend and her husband actually came down for a few days to experience droving and help me. Even my 13 year old son helped when home from Boarding School.

I look at these challenges as a lesson in something. Why does this drought go on so long and cause such suffering to so many in this harsh country we live in. I feel quite blessed despite the dusty and parched land outside the window. Gone is the green that is normally the lucerne paddock outside our kitchen window - so dry everywhere that when a few drops of rain arrive there is such joy - yet so short lived, but we are in a better area of the drought as we have had a few falls of rain - more than so many others. What is my lesson this time round? I go back to the power of the mind and how if we master it then our life reflects it. I have worked every day to not let this "event" on our lives become a "problem". My mantra has been to be serene, tranquil and calm no matter what is thrown at me and that happiness is an inside job. Tested daily I have struggled but I go to bed at the end of the day feeling I have grown yet again and have more skills than before . .. but the biggest discovery is that when I really work on my mindset for happiness despite all that happens I am able to sleep with peace for tomorrow is another day and the past is the past.

So if life is giving you a curve ball - please remember the power of your thoughts. Also be aware of your words for both of these paint a picture in your mind and it is this that dictates your behaviours, choices, decisions, actions and ultimately your results. Be the creator of good in your moments of struggle - you have the power in your mind. Your mind just creates what it thinks you want it to by the messages you send through your thoughts and words.

Being present in the NOW is the key for whilst you are totally aware in the now you can then give energy to the right thoughts. Try it out and let me know how you go!

I wish you all love, light, life, peace, power, beauty, harmony, abundance an joy always and thanks for visiting!

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