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Just spent and wonderful day with a couple of my son's friends from a neighbouring farm, who had spent a night having a "sleep over". A beautiful Autumn day, although far hotter than we would like and far too dusty as a result of no rain. My husband (The Farmer) decided the cattle needed a bit of extra food by droving up the side road for the day - yep it pretty much is another semi drought period until rain arrives! We decided to have a BBQ on the side of the road and the kids decided it would be great to go yabbing (for those non-Australians a Yabby is a type of shrimp that lives in dams) in the dam. To watch these kids at play, just enjoying the simple pleasures of life really made me think - we adults get so complicated from so much "thinking". They had a ball trying to catch the evasive yabbies, and getting absolutely covered in mud. We laughed and laughed and laughed. It was wonderful! Take a moment, in this very second of consciously reading this blog - are you having a fun, and happy thought or a sad and dreary thought. Are you conscious thoughts taking you to where you want to go or holding you prisoner to what you don't want. Kids just enjoy the moment, milking every bit of joy out of every simple thing. I really enjoyed watching them, and taking the time to appreciate the NOW. We create our reality from our thoughts, feelings and the behaviours, decisions and actions that come from those. In this very moment in time (the present - the NOW) we totally control what thoughts we allow into our minds. What are your thoughts creating for you/ I watched the kids get slowly more and more covered in mud, until there was barely any skin unscathed and in horror thought about how I was going to get them home and washed before their mother turned up. Then they laughed and laughed, I decided to film them then laughed and laughed so much that the camera just would not stay still and I began to "snort" with joy. Talk about feeling great. Live in the moment, think good things in the NOW and see and feel how good it is!!!

I wish everyone peace, power, beauty, harmony, abundance and joy always!

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