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We Are What We Think - 2000 thoughts to Success
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We Are What We Think - 2000 thoughts to Success

Well it has been a time and a half since I last posted.  Apologies to those out there who take the time to drop by.

My post today is all about your thoughts and how amazingly powerful they are ... both in good and bad.  Humans have between 20,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day.  Most of them visiting us very quickly or just passing through ... giving no important impact.  There are others that visit us for longer periods of time, in fact becoming influencing thoughts to all consuming thoughts.  You know the ones!!!!  These thoughts are the ones I want you to read about today and understand.  It is researched that we have 2000 of these thoughts daily.  They are our primary thoughts ... things like 'where did I put my keys" all the way to a troubling thought about something that may have happened or something that has been said to us and so on.  These thoughts are also those that relate to something that we maybe learning about, perfecting or some skill that eventually is part of our lives.  The consistent thoughts!

We humans have this incredible powerful function - the FREE WILL or WILLPOWER.  We, unlike any other specifies, have freedom to choose or make a decision on whether to accept a thought, idea or concept; whether to reject it or just ignore it.  Wow what power is that.  We have the freedom to view any comment, or instruction from another human being, institution, media or whatever and decide whether to accept it or not.  Imagine the power of just allowing the good, empowering, encouraging, positive, exciting etc. in.  Well you have that right.  You can consciously catch yourself thinking your thoughts in relation to anything in life.  Watch your thoughts and if they don't match what you want to achieve CHANGE THEM to what does match.  If you want to be serene, tranquil and calm ... then only allow thoughts in that reflect that and reject everything else.  Replace the negatives with the positives.  Start TODAY to watch your thoughts and change them into those that head you towards what you want to achieve.  Spend the next 21 days forming this habit.  We know that our consistent thoughts imprint into our subconscious mind so imagine, after 21 days of positive thinking, what your subconscious or emotional mind is going to look like.  Add another 21 days to that and you will begin to form new beliefs.  When you create a new habit and continue to walk the path of that habit, this will turn into a belief.  This belief will harness the emotional side of you and all this combined will show up in your behaviour, your choices and the decisions you make.  Those in turn create your ACTIONS and this leads to your RESULTS.

So the saying "We are what we think" is a true statement and a very powerful one.

Give this a shot my friends .... create new habits in the next 21 days and report back to me your results.  I would love to hear how you go.

Live with Peace, Power, Beauty, Harmony, Abundance and Joy Always!

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