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Moving through Adversity and Out The Other End!

Have not posted for quite some time.  Fell off the radar so to speak, got busy in life and work and before you know it time passes.  What has been happening that created this lapse.  Well life basically gave me and my two amazing men in my life a series of challenges and "wobbly bits" and we had to just get through them.  Still going through them but it has given me a whole lot of tools to help anyone that is going through the hardships that life gives us.  All I know is that you must remain purposeful about what you are wanting to create.  If your current reality is so  darned painful or awful and all you want is to escape it ...  focus on just that ... ESCAPING and moving forward.  Experience the "wobbly bit" for what it is - REALITY.  Do not deny yourself your pain, your loss, your sadness, your frustration, your anger (whatever emotion is the strongest one), but then decide NOW ... do I remain here in this state and suffer long term, OR do I grow "through it" and out the other end.  If that is your choice then you need to ask two fundamental questions first ... Can I remove this "wobbly bit" out of my life" so I can move forward, sometimes you can and sometimes you cannot.  If you cannot then ask "Can I change this wobbly bit?".  If the answer is again no, then you need to find a way through positive questioning and reflection how you are going to get through it, around it, over it, under it - whatever it takes.  Then pick yourself up, dust yourself off, build a bridge and get over it NOW.  You will be stronger, wiser and a greater person as a result.  The most important thing is that you will have OWNERSHIP, ACCOUNTABILITY AND RESPONSIBILITY for that action and that gives you personal control over your future direction.  To take the alternative which is to be reactionary and a victim to the event, circumstance, person etc. is to remain STUCK.  Create a clear and definite VISION/GOAL of what you desire, be committed, certain, have faith, hope and desire that is addictive and then "map it out" with an action plan.  Once these three things are in place then TAKE INTENTIONAL ACTION ON A DAILY BASIS.  You can be anything you decide to be that is coupled with clear vision, focus and desire, a map to get there and action.  Good Luck and its good to be back!!!!

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